Introduction of VSG LawVision Attorneys LLP.

The unprecedented implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India marked a new era - one defined by seismic shifts across taxation protocols, compliance burdens and the overarching legal framework governing trade. Recognizing the tectonic impact these changes would have on corporations and businesses nationwide, a visionary group of seasoned indirect and direct tax experts banded together to establish VSG LawVision Attorneys LLP.

The ambition is to create a powerhouse GST-focused tax advisory firm equipped to steer clients through the complex new landscape. Headquartered in the capital market of New Delhi with additional branch locations spread across economic hubs in NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chandigarh, the firm has handpicked over 50 distinguished tax professionals to provide comprehensive coverage nationwide.

Yet the partners leading VSG LawVision Attorneys LLP form the firm's cornerstones and competitive advantage. Each having over 35 years of individual tax issue mastery, their careers are highlighted by handling some of the country's thorniest GST, excise, VAT, service tax and corporate tax disputes - securing numerous high-value wins across various tax authorities and judicial forums.

The firm's service portfolio has been crafted to help enterprises tackle any Business law related need. Ranging from advisory and planning support around complex transactions to litigation representation throughout contentious GST disputes, clients have full access to the partners' lifetimes of tax environment navigation.

And the attorneys' expertise extends well beyond simply managing GST compliance. Their rare blend of direct and indirect tax exposure also encompasses intricate familiarity with entry taxes, VAT, excise duties, service taxes and emerging issues at the intersection of taxation and corporate law, intellectual property, business regulations, Mediation, Arbitration and beyond.

Backed by such extensive experience and legal firepower, VSG LawVision Attorneys LLP is already trusted by some of India's largest corporations like ITC Ltd., Adobe, Canon, Gujrat Ambuja, Haldiram Foods, Emami, BHEL, Castrol, Jubilant Foods, BSNL, Parle and Gannon Dunkerley.